Membership is now due for 2024.

$40 per person or $70 per couple.

Also, we have $15.00 membership until 31-12-2024 which covers members until new fees due at the end of Feb

Ashhurst RSA Welfare Services

Ashhurst RSA provides welfare services for servicemen and women and ex-servicemen and women so they can continue to live with dignity and respect.

Who we help

The RSA supports all current and former serving New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) personnel and their families.

Our support to you and your family starts as soon as you have attested in any service of New Zealand's Armed Forces and continues through life, long after your time in service is over.

The RSA's Support Services

Help is just a phone call away.

The RSA has a network of support advisors across the country who are ready to help.  Our support advisors can provide assistance across a wide range of areas including advice and guidance, advocacy services, assistance with emergency accommodation or assistance while you recover from illness or injury.

If our support advisors are unable to help, our nationwide networks and connections mean we will know an agency who can.

To find out what support the RSA might be able to offer you - please contact one of our District Support Managers.

Welfare can be provided to assist with the following services:

• Transport to hospital and medical appointments
• Assistance with medical and bereavement arrangements
• Assistance with optical and hearing devices

Help is available for:

• Service and ex-servicemen and women
• Wives, husbands or partners of service and ex-servicemen and women
• Widows and widowers of service and ex-servicemen and women
• Dependent family members of service and ex-servicemen and women

Contact our Welfare Officer/Support advisor if you are in any doubt about qualifying for welfare assistance.